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The One

Im not sure if hes the one. The one who completes your life, your other half, the one you fall more and more in love with everyday.. Im not if he’s the one I’m completely sick in love about.. But i do know that he makes me stronger, that he supports me when im weak, he makes me feel confortable any place that I am with him. He’s gentle with me , and he looks at me so innocently. Hes determined and smart. And somehow always right about things. When he has trust me, i just really trust him and not all the time but a lot of the times things work out ok. Hes my best friend that i dont have and my mom and dad whose not here. Hes the guy ive been waiting for to take care of me! But im not in love like in the movies..can he be the one without all the crazy “in love” smpytoms?

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